Finally after a long wait its here: The Daskeyboard Ultimate S with MX Brown Keys.
It makes coding so much more fun :)

Sorry for the poor image quality

A lot about it has already been written and also for other mechanical keyboards. So, I will skip writing a detailed post. If you want to learn more about them then here is a list of some good links:
1. A nice video by LinusTechTips:
2. Review:
3. Another review:
4. For some fun:

I am migrating my website from Drupal to Octopress. If you are curious about why I am doing it, please read this and this.

I have successfully moved all my posts from Drupal to Octopress so you can access almost everything as usual. But things might be broken and I am working on them to migrate completely.


Life is busy and we always try finding time for ourselves. We see improvement in ourselves by taking reference form our past. But, do we remember our past well ?

Here, Journal keeping comes to our rescue. A journal acts as our friend, our private space in this world where privacy has become a rare thing. A journal helps us to store our past for our future references and to see how we evolve as an individual over a period of time. It also serves the purpose of recording random thoughts and ideas because we don't realize how important they are. Sometimes, it also serve the purpose of recording our dreams and later, motivating us to achieve them.

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Its astonishing how startup companies have changed the word wide web. Recently, I came across a website which shares quotes from people behind these startups. The website has a very neat design and good user interface, and felicitous with its domain name. I am already loving it and also subscribed to their RSS feeds. I strongly recommend this site to all you guys :)

Some of my favorite quotes from the site :

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SOPA and PIPA ! 

Have become the hackneyed terms these days. But there are still few people who have heard them but are confused as to what exactly they mean and how are they going to affect them. Read on →

I didn't realize that installing so many components and modules would have such an impact on the website's loading time until it was too late. But, after working for an hour on the same, the website loads not at lightning speed but i can say its decent.

This is a list of things i did to improve the speed of my website…

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